Thursday, April 28, 2016

Announcing the Elkspedition!

I hope you'll excuse the scarcity of posts in the months since the conclusion of my big trip in 2015. I've been spending time exploring a new career, applying to graduate school, building a new relationship, and getting reacquainted with West Virginia. I'm happy to be more settled and I've been enjoying "microadventures" closer to home. More on those in an upcoming post.

Rest assured that my zeal for adventure has not tempered! The big news right now is the genesis of the "Elkspedition" - a 173 mile journey down the length of the Elk River, the longest river within West Virginia. The Elk River has headwaters within the proposed Birthplace of Rivers National Monument, a grassroots campaign that I've been deeply involved with since my return to the Mountain State. I'm launching the trip with Adam Swisher, a good friend from my time at NOLS, to bring greater attention to the National Monument initiative to the folks of West Virginia. We need to realize that what happens up in the headwaters matters for everyone downstream - impacting the quality of our recreational opportunities, drinking water, and economic prospects.


You can follow the "Elkspedition" on our expedition blog, hosted by the West Virginia Rivers Coalition. We'll be posting updates before and during the trip. Join us in Charleston at journey's end for a free picnic on Memorial Day and a chance to sign a postcard in support of the National Monument. If you can't make it, you can sign a letter to President Obama asking for Birthplace of Rivers National Monument here.

Matt Kearns and Adam Swisher